iamthenublack: Ayra Kip of The Pancake Gallery

introduce yourself

I am Ayra-anandra Kip also known as Taboo Ayra also known as Kippy!!! Occupation: Producer, writer en creative concept developer.

I am the identical twin sister of Ira Kip. She is 12 minutes older than me but that’s neither here nor there! I am still like 3 centimeters taller than her. At the moment my stuff is in The Netherlands but my life is anywhere between, London, New York, Aruba or the Netherlands.

I am the co founder and developer of The Pancake Gallery which I created and developed with Ira in 2007. What we do and have done is “bridge the gap between creative international Art’s communities”. We do this through self developed and produced projects and events. Our aim is to bring together people in the Arts from around the world, to share old and create new experiences that can initiate future growth both personally and professionally.

fav lyric from a song

That’s really hard to say. There are too many songs that are my favorite. Since the summer is coming I’m gonna go with one of my favorite songs “Thelonious” by Common ft Slum Village, “Like Water For Chocolate”. I remember this record coming out in 2000. It has since been in my top 5 favorite albums list! I only have great memories and thoughts when I listen to this record. The music is off the chain and common did a fantastic job.

“Ay.. it’s like a ritual. You been invited let the mortal body stimulate the place

With the grace, nevertheless, I stress Let the music put a smile on your face”

who and what inspires you?

Everyday people, family stories, history and growing up in the Art’s I would say other people’s creative talent and skills.

icons past & present

Hands Down, Arthur Ashe, Gordon Parks, Mandela and The Nicolas Brothers…. to begin with. These folks have all been the best at what they do. Best tennis player, best photographer, best dancers and one of the most significant freedom fighters the world has ever know. What more can you say?!

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Ayra Kip

“It works if you work it”

I say this because experience has thought me that anything is possible if you set your mind and heart to it and just do the work!

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