Weekly Roundup

Another dope week is ending so I thought I’d do a little rundown of cool things that I’ve come across this week:

Maxwell: Fistful of Tears

Not my favourite track from BSNight but a gorgeous video (the backdrop reminds me of thenublack tee a little, lol). I know I’m not the only one that missed Maxwell’s fro when he came back but this grown up look is hot – I’m just wondering when Oswald Boateng is going to do a collab with him because those suits are FLY!


Amen and amen again, Dwele has a new album coming out and the first single “What’s Not to Love” is a nice introduction into what to expect from Mr.Gardiner. If you haven’t already done so, check out his¬†Youtube channel – he’s made a few of his own videos (the musical kind, not the Kim K and Ray J kind, lol) and they’re pretty dope.


The one and only time I click on a #ff and I get introduced to one of the sickest voices I’ve heard this side of the pond in a hot minute (to be fair I do actually need to start listening to more music from the UK). Kadija not only has a dope voice but she could be a great contender for ‘Black girls with cool hair’ (haven’t done one of those for a MINUTE). I’m definitely going to be keeping an ear out for this lady’s music.

M.F. Social Club

While I’m on the subject of home grown dopeness – Amelia of PMOI (a lovely lady who seems to have her fingers in a lot of musical pies) is putting on a new event in May. The M.F. Social Club is a new platform for independent, specialist and archived music films to be shown in venues which normally host live music events & club nights. The aim is to take music films outside of the traditional passive cinema experience and straight to an audience of music lovers.

Exclusive to the UK will be the first screening of Secondhand Sureshots and a film which I’ve been dying to see ever since I was given the tracks sometime last year – Timeless: A Suite for Ma Dukes. I’m usually quote selfish when I go to events like this and only buy one ticket but I know I have to share this goodness with someone so I got two tickets (who’s the lucky person gonna be?!).¬†There are only 100 tickets on sale so get in there quick – it’s going to be a dope night with DJ sers from Eric Lau and Alex Chase.

My Nappy Roots

Fantastic film, very insightful – definitely one to check out regardless of whether you’re a natural or not.

Janelle Monae x Honey Magazine

Um….this is pretty self explanitary – I LOVE HER! The Matador look is simply gorgeous.

That’s pretty much it, catch you next week!


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