Death of a Star

Now I don’t usually post a lot of tragic news on here (my way of ignoring reality perhaps?) but this story really saddened me. I was giving the task at work yesterday of finding a picture of a girl who’d be shot in takeaway in Hackney. Now as far as shootings go – this didn’t really register with me until I watched a video she’d made.

Agnes Sina-Inakoju who was just 16 years old won second place in the ‘Speak Out Challenge’ with her speech on Racism. I was actually going to feature the video on here and try and get in contact with her as she would have been perfect for ‘iamthenublack’.

Her life was cut short this morning as she died from her injuries. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family at such a loss in their family.

Watch her video (it’s the second one down).

BBC News Article