Just got back from the ICA after watching this movie and I have to say it almost moved me to tears. Now there have been stories of Black ┬ácouples having white looking children and vice versa but throw Apartheid South Africa into the mix and it’s a WHOLE nother story.

It’s currently showing at the ICA until the 13th of August


SKIN is one of the most moving stories to emerge from apartheid South Africa: Sandra Laing is a black child born in the 1950s to white Afrikaners, unaware of their black ancestry. Her parents are rural shopkeepers serving the local black community, who lovingly bring her up as their white little girl. But at the age of ten, Sandra is driven out of white society. The film follows Sandras thirty-year journey from rejection to acceptance, betrayal to reconciliation, as she struggles to define her place in a changing world – and triumphs against all odds.