Black Nerd Rising

Have no fear, the new nerd chic is here – The Black Nerds Network caters for every black rimmed spectacled, gigabit loving black person who wants to get their nerd on.

I’ve been down with the hardcore nerd movement since day one – my dad is an original nerd, he works in IT and wears glasses – occasionally wears cable knitted sweaters and sensible work shoes. My vivid memories of 56k dial up modems and Microsoft Paint contributed nicely to me becoming a Graphic Designer and an avid nerd lover.

The BLACK NERDS NETWORK, was conceived on 19.08.06 after two self confessed Nerds had an accidental meeting in at a chess congress in Shoreditch East London. One a textile designer and stylist with strong links to the Caribbean, a graduate of Chelsea School of Art in London and the other, a Producer of Music with a long history in Business, Fashion, Art and Design with strong links to Africa.

Both of these young creatives, who will remain nameless for the time being, came to the conclusion that the African/Carribean people were the only community that would promote and celebrate (outwardly anyway) a ‘ghetto lifestyle’.

Spread the word you beautiful nerd – BNN

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