Black Boys are the new cool – Part 1

I’m not getting caught up in what the media or news portrays because you hear it all too often. I’m not in the habit of being a conditional supporter of Black men because even though there is some bad, I don’t feel enough positive light is given to them. Music, Fashion, Science, Business, Politics – everything basically apart from Ice Hockey, lol.

A slightly biased opinion you may say but society tells no lies (plus it’s my blog so I can say whatever I please, lol) – whether the “fashion accessory” of a WAG or brother from another mother of a round-the-way-girl in your neighbourhood – Black boys are the new cool.

You will NOT find any videos of Fiddy Cent or Omarion on here and if you do, my blog has been hacked! I’m not aiming to feature EVERY Black male musician under the age of 36 because I’d be here for a while so it’ll be one or two morsels per day.

Enjoy x

Spec Boogie