Black Girls with Cool Hair (Part One)

Call me shallow but I automatically think people with cool hair are cool by default 

(Don King, Mr T, Grace Jones, Angela Davis Ohmyra to name a few).

The Agytators are no exception – two beautiful black girls with the dopest style and creative flair. Having worked with the likes of Estelle, Vashtie, Kareem Black, and (fellow amazing haired) Janelle Monae these ladies are definately my new icons, and with a statement like this, they’re about to be thenublack veterans:


“We are Agytators! We bow our heads in reverence to those from our past who have paved the way for us to create and walk freely down a path of our own making. We respect and seek to teach and learn from those that surround us presently. But most importantly, we look to the future so that those that come after us can inherit something greater than we did. We will keep pushing the boundaries and agytating the status quo.

PHOTOGRAPHY. FILM. VIDEO. MEDIA. MUSIC. PEOPLE. POWER. BABY. We do it ALL. We do it WELL. And you will know us by our NAME. Coco Black & Melly Shabazz. The Agytators.”




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