ear candy: Black Girls with cool hair (Part 2)

No hard feelings to the black girls with dope voices with nice hair but I had to set myself a challenge lol…enjoy (there’s more to come)

Janelle Monae

She pool jumps AND crowd surfs (let’s give Diddy a hand for this GREAT choice)


VV Brown

 The Doo-Wop Indie queen, she wrote this song on her one-stringed guitar…oh and she’s BRITISH 🙂



A little different from the albumn edit, but still a dope performance by the vixen Ms. J*Davey

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she’s also British – a veteran who’s proof that hard work truly does pay off

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Had the priveledge of seeing her perform in London earlier on this year. and she’s a really cool person with an amazing voice. She started of wanting to be a Graphic Designer but then switched over to music – from one strength to another 🙂

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