Ear Candy: The Soul Arranger

I recall my first Live concert was 3T (Michael Jackson’s nephews…don’t hate they had great eyebrows!). Thinking back on the experience, besides leaving with the sounds of a million screaming girls in my ear I don’t remember being at a point in my musical life where I could really say OMG this is REALLY what live music sounds like.

Having seen Van Hunt at 93 Feet East before I brought his album, I was really blown away at the difference between his live performance and what came out on CD. Something about the instruments and rawness of vocals and energy of Van and his band members during their live performance was kind of more contained on the disc but I still love it anyway.

And so to this podcast, taken from Marc Mac’s (one half of the collective 4Hero) website – not a sample or cheesy hook in sight, just great muscial compostion…

Marc 4hero.

Gene Page

“…when I listen to his arrangements I feel that he wasn’t so hung up on how the music looked on paper but how it felt with the beat…” 



Jerry Peters

“Jerry Peters producer/arranger/songwriter. It’s quite easy to focus on strings and horns when talking about great arrangers and Jerry was a master of both.This line up is good proof that a great arranger needs a great team to make the real magic happen…”


Richard Evans

“If you have music running through your head when you wake up in the morning, when you brush your teeth, and all day . . . well, that’s the kind of thing we should be trying to help you with. But we’ll show you what others did, too, so you can use them as role models.”

Professor Richard Evans.


Charles Stepney

“A producer builds the house… ‘the foundation’ then calls in’ the arranger’ the electrician who fill the house with light and power.”



Marc Mac Podcast