Ear Candy: Black History Month Podcast

First podcast of the month brought to you by way of the magnificent RappersIKnow. Funnily enough the guy who runs it is a graphic designer (a dope one at that or I wouldn’t even have mentioned it, lol). 

I have to pay homage to the site as the podcasts on there have really opened up my musical tastebuds instead of driving me to turn on the radio which I rarely listen to. Also at work they play XFM so although I know every popular indie song to date it doesn’t make me feel great hearing it non stop, so RappersIKnow…thank you :).

This podcast was put together by Vasco Bridges – founder of Diseducation for Black History Month in the US:

*the first track is the n**** experience by Cee-Lo it’s a deep song but if you’re easily offended then you know what to do


download from rappersiknow