[Call for Artists] Thenublk + Citizins: Children of the Gap Exhibition

In the photo series ‘Not Black Enough for Brooklyn, Not African Enough for Accra’ visual artist Kojo Owusu-Kusi reflects on this common experience felt by many of his generation:

“I’m stuck in this limbo and I know now that I’m here to bridge the gap. We children of the “gap” shouldn’t take our position lightly. I say it with pride, because I understand my mission and I see my position as a strength and not a weakness.”

Inspired by these words, Gabrielle Smith graphic designer/founder of global Arts & Culture platform The:nublk and visual Artist Kojo Owusu-Kusi aka Citizins are excited to announce the launch of a new exhibition entitled ‘Children of the Gap’ which will delve into the multiplicity of ways in which a new generation of artists explore and experience their journey of cultural duality.

The exhibition, which launches on Friday 25 March 2016, will share the experiences of contemporary creatives who have often found themselves bringing the gap between their experience of being born or raised in the West whilst also being part of a more distant, but no less rich cultural heritage.

With their own heritage based in Grenada and Ghana, both creatives closely identify as ‘Gap Kids’ and collectively felt the need to provide a space in which experiences similar to their own can not only be shared with their peers but with others interested in understanding how fellow ‘Children of the Gap’ visually express their stories.

Submission Guidelines

+ Accepted mediums: graphic design, fashion, illustration, paintings, short essays/poems, mixed media, photography and short films.

+ Up to 3 pieces of work

+ Please e-mail samples/links to your work (under 4MB)

+ Include image title, dimensions, media, and year



+ Bio (200 words or less)

+ Artist statement – 100 to 150 words (description of how your work ties in with the #COTG ethos)


Please send your work to: submissions@iamthenublack.com

Deadline for submissions is Monday 1st March 2016