Season 2 of Documentary series ‘My Africa Is’ to highlight the best of Dakar, Senegal

Thenublk is excited to be one of the media partners for the second season of My Africa Is – a documentary web series highlighting the best of the continent of Africa. The first season which focused on Lagos, Nigeria returns for another year documented in a 3 part series.

The series which launches on YouTube on October 2nd will first have a debut screening at the My Africa Is premiere in Los Angeles at the Almost High Collective and will be sponsored by Arik Air.

 “Edition Dakar’s storylines are reflective of the untold yet riveting realities played out on its streets everyday and we really wanted Dakar to speak for herself,” said Executive Producer and Director, Nosarieme Garrick. “From our perspective, My Africa Is is a movement driven by a deep conviction to show Africa’s cultural diversity. Season 2 is a significant milestone that we hope continues to turn the page on outdated and misinformed perceptions of the continent.”