AADAT Art + Live Unchained + Thenublk present: 30 Women Creators You Should Know (Part 2)

Yesterday we introduced you to the first 5 of 30 women creators Live Unchained love. In partnership with Live Unchained and African & Afro-Diaspora Art Talks (AADAT), Live Unchained continues today with 5 more amazing artists of different genres, from different parts of the world. We hope you’ll spread the word about these talented women that truly deserve the shine.  We believe their art matters and can inspire cultural consumers to view themselves, their communities and women’s voices in new ways. The artists and creative works you’ll see over the next week are unique, provocative and captivating. Like the three organizers of this event, Kathryn, Sharon and myself, we know you won’t want to keep all this beauty to yourself. So, please spread the word and comment to let us know what you think!

Click the image below to see Live Unchained’s selection