[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Kalakari Collective: Using Hip Hop to celebrate the creative roots of South Asian culture

The brainchild of graffiti artist Nisha K Sembi, the Kalakari Collective combines her Indian roots with Hip hop – breaking through traditional boundaries to create informative art pieces which promote social change. Last year the collective organised an event entitled ‘Word to Your Motherland’ (WTYM) which was a series of exhibitions presenting artwork that highlights the cultural move- ments of South Asians in America who incorporate elements hip-hop in their work.

Kalakari, which translates to “Artistry” in Sanskrit is a movement that pays homage to the creative roots of South Asia, while constantly transforming and bringing into fruition fresh and dynamic forms of art. The two major elements that influence Kalakari come from Indian culture and hip-hop culture, and Kalakari is constantly striving to break through traditional boundaries and defy the limits of our society. Kalakari is a Collective of artists that is built by dreamers who eventually through art, become visionaries.

The shirts are the perfect combination of Sembi’s influences. We love the ‘West Coast’ Mehndi shirt which combines both Indian and Californian cultures together!