[T-Shirt Tuesdays] The Dudes Factory: Berlin’s creative haven

The Dudes Factory is a creative haven based in Berlin’s Mitte. The store which sells a range of items including graphic prints, notebooks and t-shirts is a must see on a visit to Berlin. It’s Wood Cabin meets boutique vibe gives off a laid-back ambience which I loved as well as the found objects on the walls. The company also has a diverse artistic network who they collaborate with on a regular basis.

Dudes Factory was founded by good friends with a common goal of building a brand that reflects and develops their own creative interests and lifestyle. The Dudes find and foster unique artistic talents by providing a platform to create fine art and high quality consumer goods. In house production at their flagship store in Berlin allows experimentation with a wide variety of creative styles and ideas. The result of this experimentation are themed collections of art, apparel and accessories from the most exciting artists curated by The Dudes.

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