The Young Motherhood Project: Addressing the real stories of young mothers in the UK

Photographer Jendella Hallam Benson is no stranger to Thenublk. The first time we featured her work was back in 2012 when we showcased T-Shirt label Sevnfold. A few months later she was one of eight artists chosen to display her work for our More Than XY Fatherhood exhibition in Hackney.

‘Where the Devil Won’t Go’ told the story of reformed members of one of South London’s most notorious gangs and their transition into Christianity. Jendella has a great eye for unique stories and capturing them in a visually rich way which I really love.


Her latest piece ‘The Young Motherhood Project’ takes a look at the lives of women who are often looked down on by society and it’s not often that a positive narrative is told of their journey.

Wanting to challenge those stereotypes, the project is a collection of photographs and also a documentary speaking to young mothers from all walks of life about their stories.

Through my project, Young Motherhood, I aim to challenge existing myths and stereotypes surrounding young mothers while also creating important dialogue about the challenges facing these women and the factors that contributed to their hardships and triumphs. I wish to give them a platform to speak for themselves about their own lives, as for too long there have been other people speaking for them with their own political agendas. I also aim to create a project that will encourage and inspire the thousands of young mothers out there, so they know that they are not alone and that despite the social and practical challenges they may face, nothing has to hold them back.