Project 2×1: Young Filmmakers use Google Glass to document West Indian and Jewish communities in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

The brainchild of four 20-something Brooklynites, ‘2×1’ is an interesting look into the vastly different yet culturally rich neighbourhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn and its Hassidic Jewish and West Indian communities.

Using Google Glass technology the project which was successfully funded through Kickstarter hopes to engage the local community in an open dialogue looking at its past history (in 1991 growing tensions between the two communities resulted in the Crown Heights riots), differences and similarities. By putting on community screenings the filmmakers also plan to create a new community mural.

Project 2×1 is a double entendre: It represents the geographic size of Crown Heights which is two miles long and one mile wide. But it’s also the mission statement of our film: A story that helps to transform Crown Heights into a place where two distinct communities form one united neighborhood.

The premiere of the film which takes place on the 8th of December is open to the public and will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

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