NYC’s WallPlay exhibit ‘WU HA 20 20’ Celebrates 20 Years of The Wu-Tang Clan

Earlier this month ‘Enter The Wu’ the debut album from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan celebrated its 20th anniversary. Work ranging from paintings, sculpture, photography and even cake art are on display at New York’s WallPlay gallery.

“WU | HA 20 20″ is the first exhibition to launch as part of Wu-Tang Hybrid Arts (WuHa), a yearlong, creative programming initiative celebrating the cross-national influence of the legendary Hip Hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang Hybrid Arts is a collaboration between Wu-Tang Brand and The City Firm that will culminate in September 2014 with an exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum, curated by Oliver “Power” Grant (Wu-Tang Brand), Laura O’Reilly (The City Firm), and Jasmine Wahi (The City Firm).

The exhibiton is on display until December 9th. Check out the WUHA website and the video below for what’s in store.