Remembering the comedic genius of Felix Dexter

‘He will forever go down as a comic genius.Not a black comic genius. A comic genius’

– Judith Jacob

Last night my timeline was flooded with emotional tributes following BBC2’s tribute to the comedic genius Felix Dexter. Co-stars and fans alike shared how much his work as an actor and comedian inspired them.

One of the most interesting things about the tribute was how much his own life was mirrored in some of the characters he played, and although shows such as The Real McCoy are over a decade old his roles seemed to take on a social commentary of what it means to be Black in Britain.

Felix Dexter’s untimely passing from cancer only a month ago was a great shock to many including myself who’d been raised during an era where Black talent was plentiful. That time is constantly referenced to as a golden age of television for a group of people wanting to see themselves represented on TV in a positive light.

It’s commonly believed that The Real McCoy tapes were lost and that’s something I know a number of people find hard to believe as well as the reasons behind why Felix’s pilot wasn’t a success. Whilst the tribute show brought these questions back to the surface, ultimately it was a fitting tribute to a man who’ll always be remembered for using his talent for good.

Although the series is yet to be released on DVD, there are a number of full episodes and Felix Dexter clips that will keep his memory alive. What are some of your favourite characters he played?