[Event] The Body Narratives: A platform for Women of Colour artists exploring body image + Screening of Black Power Mixtape

An online space created by SOAS graduate and writer Hana Riaz, The Body Narratives aims to allow Women of Colour artists to create work based around the subject of body image, something which is often seen and held up to standards made by those who aren’t women.

Aesthetics continues to be an essential basis by which we are judged, looked at, and ultimately defined as women. This space is an attempt to curate and document all the ways in which as Women of Colour we navigate, understand and own our bodies and our embodied experiences. At the heart of this journey, we seek to uncover how our bodies belong to ourselves.

In collecting a diverse range of women of colour’s voices (across race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, geographic location, able-bodiedness and gender identities) and mediums, we hope to create a restorative body of work spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually that heals.

This is nothing but a reclamation of our journeys.

To raise funds for their upcoming exhibition the group are holding a fundraiser which will take place at Brixton East on the 26th of November. The evening which will consist of a number of poetry performances will also include a screening of Black Power Mixtape, a film made up a collection of tapes found by Swedish journalists in the 60s.

For more information and to buy tickets visit The Body Narratives Eventbrite page.


fundraiser poster