[Exhibition] Kehinde Wiley’s ‘World Stage Jamaica’ comes to London


Having captured the scene in countries such as Israel, China, Sri Lanka and Brazil, artist Kehinde Wiley’s ‘World Stage’ collection is finally coming to London! His The pieces from his latest ‘World Stage: Jamaica’ will be displayed at the Stephen Friedman Gallery from October 15th to November 16th.

Wiley is restaging this history, transforming the race and gender of the traditional art-historical hero to reflect the contemporary urban environment. The subjects’ proud posturing refers to both the source painting and the symbolism of Jamaican culture, with its singular people and specific ideals of youth, beauty and style…┬áThe gallery will also present a film depicting Wiley’s process as the project unfolds. The camera follows the artist on his research trips to London, visiting the National Portrait Gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery and Brixton Market, and then onto Jamaica. There it follows him to underground dance halls, Negril beach and downtown Kingston as he searches for the models for his paintings.

– Stephen Freidman Gallery