[Web Series] Issa Rae strikes gold once again with ‘The Michelle Obama Diaries’

From the amazing success of Awkward Black Girl to being picked to create a comedy series on TV network ABC, there’s really no stopping Issae Rae right now! The Michelle Obama Diaries is a hilarious ‘behind the scenes’ look at what the FLOTUS. It cuts from a press conference filled with journos to a more laid back and open Mrs O candidly waxing lyrical on what she really thinks about the possibility of her husband cheating: “Don’t let this fabulous J.Crew ensemble fool you. I’m from the south side of Chicago.”

I’m one of many that likes Michelle Obama for not only her style and her ability to ‘keep it real’ and stay connected…this just took it to a whole next level. I’m hoping she she’s it and does a cameo appearance like Donald Glover did in ABG. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode!