[Guest Post] Judge a Book by its Cover

Judge a book by its cover, is a series on our blog that features books that not only look good but are also a good read—books that we constantly re-reference and serve as inspiration. Needless to say, if there is one thing you will find in abundance in our homes are a plethora of book shelves. For this guest post, we decided to feature three coveted and highly recommended books on our Autumn wish list. But you don’t have to take our word for it…

We both have a strong backgrounds in art and design. With that said, it is little wonder that Phaidon Design Classics is one of our must reads. It offers snippets into some classics and favourable pieces while giving subtle and entertaining history lessons. The hefty three-volume, 999-object book also “…is an industrially manufactured object with timeless aesthetic value. It serves as a standard of its kind and, despite the year in which it was designed, is still up to date.” Bonus: Phaidon offers an online mini, preview version, here.

To create our character, Little Miss X, we referenced Pictoplasma as a way to design and produce the perfect character from beginning to end.


When we first met, among many things, we bonded over our adoration of design, weakness for New York, love for Colette and innate sense of dreaming and definite respect for typography. While Sam likes to explore different fonts and Tam prefers to stick to the classic typefaces—we are both self confessed design snobs. We can’t help it. One thing that we cannot stand for is bad use of typography. For those out there who are unsure of the basics, or not familiar with the rules and regulations of typography—this is for you. Courtesy of The Font Shop this free PDF reference guide is a playful, pleasant read.  And please do remember that every time you use, dare I say its name, Comic Sans, “a designer loses its wings”.


Not satisfied with this collection. Check out some other books from our starter list below. Pleasant reads.