[Thenublk] ENZI: Footwear brand helping to create a new perception of Africa


Introduce yourself  

ENZI is a new premium African fashion brand, with footwear as our core product.  The idea was conceived several years ago by cofounders Azi and Jawad and later, once the potential was realized, two other close friends, Christian and Sam came on board to help launch the brand.  Jawad successful experiences as a footwear designer in Europe guide our production in close collaboration with Azi who manages the relationship with our manufacturer in Ethiopia.  Christian and Sam take the lead on the business development and sales, focused initially on London, Hong Kong and NYC.


Favourite song lyric 

“Daylight beams, night life schemes

This is my inception, I’m writing my dreams

Immortal view of a star doing what I’m born to do

I see the blue sky, see the Lord’s coming through”

~ Common – Blue Sky

We’re inspired by

 ENZI was birthed half out of frustration about dominant perceptions of Africa and half out of opportunity we had given Jawad’s talent as a footwear designer. Three of us grew up together in Kenya and after graduating from high school we went abroad to continue our education.  We were fortunate of the opportunities abroad, but the ignorant perceptions we encountered in the “west” deeply frustrated us.  It’s a story many Africans living abroad can relate to.

A few years later when Jawad and Azi were living together in London, they had the time to develop the vision and concept of ENZI.  They soon discovered high quality of leather in Ethiopia and manufacturing capacity in the region to produce premium products.
Our icons past/present

 Nelson Mandela – former President of SA

Pele – Brazilian football player

The Roots – Hip hop band

Mark Porter – Athlete, Designer and CEO of Nike

Barack Obama – President of USA


Thenublk philosophy

 “Every time I point an accusing finger, I find the finger pointing back at me as the culprit, the problem, and strangely, even the solution. When I ask who holds the key to Africa’s escape from poverty, I find, to my great surprise, the key is in my hand”

– Pete Ondeng
“Creativity is being able to see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody else has thought so you can do what nobody else has done”

– John Maxwell


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