[Video] Kirani City – Soca Artist Mr Killa pays homage to the winner of Grenada’s first gold medal

At 19 years old, Kirani James winner of the 400 metres at this year’s Olympic Games has won his island’s first ever god medal (the first non-American to do so). Scenes of jubilant Grenadians in his hometown of Gouyave were captured on instagram following his win and I’m sure are going on as I write this post. With a road already being named after him I’m sure this year’s Soca Monarch finals and Jouvert will be all about Mr James.

I jokingly tweeted about which Grenadian artist was going to make a song about Kirani James and it looks like my jokes were not in vain. A condenter of last year’s Soca Monarch title Mr Killa who’s song ‘Sugarpot’ I’ve had on repeat since I was there last year has put together a fitting tribute in song to the young Grenadian which features scenes from his family home, carnival and also some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen!

Where mi Greenz people dem?!