[T-Shirt Tuesdays] New Summer collection from Shimmy Shimmy

Looks like I’m getting my Jamaican 50th Independence pre-celebrations in early with these T-Shirt Tuesdays posts, lol. Shimmy Shimmy have been doing some really cool staff since we last featured them last year. They’re back with a new limited edition collection.

The 4 exclusive designs represent for dancehall – in style & pattern – taking inspiration from the 90s to the present day, from iconic figures to iconic phrases.

Whether you got the inside knowledge and recognize the Lady Saw lyrics, the original don Super Cat or the 2012 anthem from Potential Kidd, or whether you just feel for the bold colours and big prints, Shimmy Shimmy are the only streetwear brand flying the flag for up to the time dancehall, covering backs from Kingston to Tokyo.

-Shimmy Shimmy