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[Iamthenublk] Yinka Ilori: Upcycled Furniture Designer

[Iamthenublk] Yinka Ilori: Upcycled Furniture Designer



Introduce yourself

Hi my name is Yinka Ilori, I am a upcycled furniture designer from North London, with influences that are both parochial and global; from herringbone tweeds to Dutch wax. I am an upcycled furniture designer with the future in mind, I upcycle and rework old, unloved furniture to produce brand new interpretations. My work is all about challenging people’s perceptions of waste through the regeneration and revitalization of every-day furniture, where every piece deserves the chance to be loved again. I am all about love & passion when designing furniture.




Favourite lyric from a song

‘The time is now, on everything Took my heart away from money
Ain’t interested in fame And I pray that never change Ambition is priceless It’s something that’s in your veins And I put that on my name.’

– ‘Ambition’ by Wale ft Meek Mills & Rick Ross.




I’m inspired by

My parents, they are phenomenal they have always inspired me from an early age! Seeing how far they have come and what they have achieved inspires me every single day, making me forever believe that the sky’s the limit, I can be whatever I want to be as long as my heart is in it.:)




Icons past & present

Wow for me my past and present icon has to be “King” Sunny Adé. If you don’t know, King Sunny Ade is a popular performer of Yoruba Nigerian jùjú music and a pioneer of modern world music. I grew up listening to King Sunny Ade when I was young his music was and still is always listened to by parents. King Sunny Ade’s music has inspired me a lot, from life decisions and how to deal with tough situations that arose whilst growing up. His music is a my ‘Life’ teacher:)

I studied every other subject at school, English, Maths etc you name it, but I didn’t learn ‘Life’ HAHA!, I mean my parents always spoke to me about life but King Sunny Ade spoke about Life musically and that’s why he is my icon and still is:) my favourite song from King Sunny Ade has to be ‘ja Fummi’ great song have a listen guys, although its sung in Yoruba!




Thenublk philosophy

There is no success without failure