[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Random Objects: Graphically inspired by quotes & proverbs

What is it about quotes that seem to hold so much gravitas? I’m sure we all know more than a few people who live their lives according to a quote they’ve heard and taken on as a mantra. There’s something inherently special about them and T-Shirt company Random Objects has taken this concept and combined it with t-shirts.

Speaking about the inspiration behind their collection:

“A short saying [proverb] often contains much wisdom.” – Sophocles

Quotes and proverbs inspire all of our designs here at RANDOM OBJECTS. They are the common theme that run throughout all of our t-shirts and products. We take these various quotes and proverbs and interpret them visually. Sometimes the quote [proverb or saying] itself is the graphic; while at other times, they inspire us to design a graphic based around its’ meaning.