[Web Series] New UK family sitcom ‘All About The McKenzies’ to launch next month


Inspired by the well loved black sitcoms of the 80s and 90s such as The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince and Martin, Samuell Benta has created a new comedy series ‘All About The McKenzies’ for which he has written/produced/directed and stars in.

On creating the show Benta says:

I have created my own UK Black family sitcom as they are no black family projects on TV in the UK. My overall goal is to create and inspire social change through love, light, comedy and drama.

All About The McKenzies” is a new Black British Family Sitcom created for the web with the intention of becoming an international TV show.

A day in the life of the McKenzies, your most unlikely family…Samuell McKenzie, 22, young father aspires to be an Hollywood superstar but is bogged down by his broken relationship with Annika Lewis 21, struggling to get access to his daughter he dosen’t let that stop him from following his dream, on the other hand what dosen’t help is his family who have their own little dramas, and being the eldest son he must make an example. What’s a young dad to do?

Originally aimed at being shown on TV, Benta was advised by a Television producer in Los Angeles to launch the show via the web due to its potential to be picked up by TV networks. Having recently received the outstanding achievement award at the 2012 LA WebFest for ‘Best Ensemble Cast’ the show looks like it’ll be joining the ranks of popular black UK web series such as Meet The Adebanjo’s, Venus vs Mars.

The web series will premiere on YouTube at 7pm on May 1st. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

For more info about the show and to follow Samuell’s progress check out: