[Art + Design] The Hip Hop Coloring book by artist James ‘Creative’ Shields: educating children about Hip Hop

I’ve always been interested in how people use music and in particular the artform of Hip Hop in connection with education. I purchased a copy of the Gangsta Rap colouring book a few years ago but it was more of a comedic effort. The Hip Hop Coloring book by artist James Shields uses various elements of Hip Hop culture to educate children about the artform.

Speaking about his work as his latest venture ‘The Hip Hop Coloring Book’ Shields says:

“I am a self-trained artist. My work is rooted in vibrant expressions of color and energy. My primary goal is to make dope art that has the power to enhance someone’s life. My objective is to enhance the user’s creativity while taking them on a journey through Hip Hop, educating them about the genre’s pioneers and how their contributions helped shape the world we live in.

The Hip Hop Coloring Book is mix of classic activities and creative exercises, all intertwined with the history of hip hop. People forget that hip hop as a culture is not just about money and ego. It’s an art form that can provide kids with self esteem and identity. It promotes individuality.”

Inside the book: 25 pages of original creative exercises & classic coloring book activities that incorporate historical figures and events. A Teaching Curriculum the activities in this book are an easy & fun addition to any K-12 lesson plan. As well as working as an artist Shields conducts private lessons, presentations and also conducts workshops in connection with his colouring book.



via NY Daily News