[Iamthenublack] Lakeisha Reid: Designer + Illustrator


Introduce yourself  

My name is Lakeshia T. Reid, also known as LTReid, and I am an Artist, Designer, and Illustrator based in Raleigh, North Carolina. As an artist, I believe in crafting things that tell stories and make connections between the viewer and myself. My most recent collection of fine art and collages is a product of my need to create works that were more reflective of today’s world and the growing need for self and cultural acceptance. Beauty, although previously defined, is up for redefinition. With my work, I hope to convey the idea that there are fibers, threads, and patterns that unite us despite our differences. At the root of it all, there is a need for us as a people to love ourselves and this message can transcend all boundaries.


Favourite lyric from a song

I don’t walk around trying to be what I’m not

I don’t waste my time trying to get what you got

I work at pleasing me cause I can’t please you

and that’s why I do what I do

My soul flies free like a willow tree

doo wee doo wee do wee”

I love these words from Appletree by Erykah Badu because they always remind me that life is better lived when you know, love, and accept who you are.


I’m inspired by

Color, patterns, texture, people, differences, nature, animals, society, politics, shapes, history, textiles, and power. The juxtaposition of these things as they are found in life creates a background for the creation of beautiful stories.


My icons past/present

My icons consist of all the people who have somehow shaped my life; no matter if I knew them personally or if I’ve never met them at all, or if their impact was positive or negative.


Thenublack philosophy/mantra (this could be words of advice, a quote, something you live by etc…)

 ‎”With vulnerability, you experience true connection—true love for yourself—and you begin to attract people to you who are inspired by your openness. While it’s not easy to be vulnerable, you’d be surprised how loving all of you and then sharing it with another can help you to connect with anyone.”


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