[Creative In Love] Dennis & Sherisa de Groot: Graphic Designer + Ilustrator // Jewellry Designer

There’s something about creative couples that really makes me cry tears of joy  smile…I think it’s due to the amount of interviews I’ve read and people I know whose parents were either artists/musicians/writers etc and how cool they’ve grown up to be. This Valentine’s Day I’ve taken it upon myself to find out a little bit about some of my favourite creative couples. Opposites may attract but when it comes to creative couples…thenublack co-signs on their creative collaborations!





















The Happy Couple

Dennis and Sherisa de Groot.

What do you do?
Sherisa: illustrator and I am a jewelry designer and writer
How did you meet?
We originally met on MySpace, then in person outside of a club in Manhattan in the summer of 06. It’s been love ever since.
What has your experience of being in a creative relationship been like 
I think it has been the best thing to happen to either of us. We both need pushing and we’re there for each other with that nudge. We keep each other challenged. We get to bask and share in the joys of our accomplishments because we both understand without explanation what it’s like to create. We haven’t outright worked on projects together outside of our wedding suite, but we are sort of each others main advisors and first consultants. We’ve both grown up a lot too together the more we reach out for our goals. It’s nice to have that support behind, in front and beside you.
Valentine’s Day playlist
Our favorite song was written by very good friends of ours, HEAVy. The song is Do For You and they even performed it live at our wedding.
The photo is one of us on the very first time we met, later that evening. We happened to see HEAVy perform live that night. We look like 2 wild kids in love and we literally only knew each other about an hour or two by then!


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