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[Iamthenublack] Akeisha Walters // Illustrator + Fine Artist

[Iamthenublack] Akeisha Walters // Illustrator + Fine Artist


Introduce yourself 

My name is Akeisha Walters, a dynamic and self-driven illustrator / fine artist who lives in the diverse community of Brixton, London. My current collection was inspired by my children’s book series soon to be released! I’ve loved to see realistic imagery beautifully transformed into illustrations. The style comprises of black and white illustration pieces that are admirable reflection of black women, wearing bold, colourful and carefully textiled adornment pieces. We need uplifting imagery that are visually light, playful and youthful for the eye and at the same time influential. I’m inspired when women look at my art and say ”She looks like me!”


Favourite song lyric

“…Sometimes you just gotta…GO! you will never know what you could ever be if you never try, you’ll never see…” 

-Lupe Fiasco

If you’ve never tried its much worse than failing because even failing proves that you’ve tried!


I’m inspired by

Colour and the lack of it



Extravagant adornment

Women, sisters and the interaction of friends. I’ve always liked the idea of developing nothing into something visually extraordinary…we ask ourselves who are we to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented & fabulous but actually who are we not to be?


My icons past/present

My mother and my two older sisters – their strength empowers me,

their words shape me, their actions elevate me, and their values encourage me to be the young woman I am today.


Thenublack philosophy

‘…Opportunist create opportunities…’

– Akeisha.W  


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photo by Musings of Krav