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We’ll be back after this short break…

We’ll be back after this short break…

This time last year I attempted a social media/Internet detox. This isn’t a detox as more of an attempt to regain some sanity before the year ends. Although it’s not over 2011 has been one of extreme lows and great highs. Having lost my mum at the beginning of the year which is something I’m still coming to terms with I couldn’t have imagined being able to get through the year but 11 months later I’m in as much as one piece and one can be.

Having this platform has definitely helped keep me occupied and being able to travel to 3 different countries this year to meet with friends, family and people I’ve only been familiar with via Facebook and Twitter has been a true blessing – there’s nothing nicer than connecting with people who share your vision. Another huge thing was curating an art show which I still can’t believe actually took place and am already thinking about the next one!

Everyone has their endurance levels when it comes to working and how they deal with burnout. Mine is usually to ignore it and keep working but the more I think about the vision of thenublack and where I know it can go I feel the need to take some time out and really think about things on a grander scale. It’s strange to think that you can get so engrossed in something that you lose yourself a little bit, but I think once you realise this is where you are you have a good chance at trying to regain some kind of normalcy.

All that to say I’ve decided to take some time out from running thenublack to regain some balance in life, to rediscover the things I’ve been pushing to the side and also think about the next few years both business wise and personally.

I’m actually in the process of organising an event that’s due to take place in December so some information about that will no doubt get posted.

In the mean time please feel free to trawl through our 3 years of archive and check out some of the early creatives we’ve profiled…there are some real gems in there! I’ll know doubt be using FB and Twitter so be on the lookout for various updates.


Thanks again for your support,