[EXHIBITION] Conversations with my Conscience : The London Riots

It was a strange feeling returning home after being out of the country during the riots that took place in August. I had only the news and second hand accounts as to what took place. The following exhibition was curated by Abi Wright, one of the artists who took part in our exhibition at the Original Gallery.


This unique exhibition is the first in a series, which will visually communicate the opinions of artists and designers concerning current affairs.

The first installment The London Riots focuses on the recent unrest in London, and will include the work of eighteen artists and seven wordsmiths. Such an array of work seeks to aesthetically encompass a variety of art disciplines including live art, design, sculpture, illustration, photography and moving image, whilst also delving deeper into the realm of spoken word and literature.

Conversations With My Conscience is the creation of Graphic Designer Abi Wright, a Londoner who like most was unsettled by the events of this summer and the coverage it accumulated. “I thought it was fitting to start with the riots as itʼs been such a pivotal topic of controversy, something we like to shy away from,” says Abi Wright.

On her decision to curate an exhibition combining art forms, Abi Wright explains “I tend to look at the complex and attempt to communicate opinions visually, with the intention of making my message legible to all.” “Many of us are often stronger communicators within our work, while some of us just have a lot to say without a platform to be heard. The title of the exhibition suggests the latter; while we are just as capable of having an intellectual or informative conversation, we often have it with ourselves, being a designer leaves you having many of those.”

Conversations With My Conscience : The Riots opens for a private view on Thursday 3rd November 2011 at The City Arts and Music Project (The CAMP), and runs through to November 16th. Please RSVP to info.CWMC@gmail.com.