[Iamthenublack] Tabitha Brown // Illustrator

Introduce yourself

My name is Tabitha Brown. I am a 20-something illustrator living in Illinois.


Favorite song lyric

“I don’t want nobody to give me nothing. Open up the door. I’ll get it myself.”

–  James Brown


I’m inspired by

I’m inspired by vintage style and minimalist design. Most of my work reflects my love of pre-1980s Ebony Jet magazines and mid century modern furniture.


My icons past/present

Thanks to the “Window to the World,” known as the Internet, my icons change often. I usually keep track of my favorites on my Tumblr, Wild and Peaceful



Art, like life, should include the macro events and micro events. Deep and philosophical meaning is not necessary for every piece of art. Sometimes, you just want to create eye-candy for people to enjoy.


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