[Iamthenublack] Chinedu Ukabam // Fashion designer

Introduce yourself


My name is Chinedu and I am fashion designer. The name of my label is Chinedesign. I was born in the UK but my family hopped around the globe a bit before settling in Toronto, Canada. Maybe that’s why I really like to mix things up in my design.


My 2006 summer collection fused African print wax fabrics with traditional Japanese Kimonos and for my latest Afrotropolis collection, I took Ndebele house painting style and superimposed it on denim and silk. My favourite piece though is from my Encore collection from a few years back. It was called the Museum dress and incorporated handloomed Nigerian Ashoke, French lace and Italian silk without looking overworked.


Before I got into fashion, I was into music producing and rapping under the name Eye Plus Eye. I’ve recently been getting back into it. I am currently working on the Bend Down Boutique project which is gonna be more on the electronica tip with a heavy dose of African percussion.




My favourite song lyric


“Pressure bust pipes, pressure can also make a diamond” – Beanie Sigel




I’m inspired by


African culture, 70s soul music and fleeting moments of euphoria




Icons past/present


The closest person I have to an icon is Fela Kuti




My Philosphy/Mantra


“Work is never done until you are living your dream”




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