[iamthenublack] DeVon Thompson of Creative Beach

Thenublack has company…I’d like you all to welcome DeVon on board! DeVon reached out to see if thenublack would feature Darin Michelle of Little Shop who was featured on the site last year. I’m excited to have DeVon as a new blogger as I think she knows about more British music than I do, lol. Hailing from Baltimore she covers all bases from Politics to Music and has her sights set on putting the rest of us on to some goodness!





Introduce yourself

My name is DeVon, I’m from Maryland. I am the founder and head person in charge of the Creative Beach Collective, Editor of Creativebeach.net. I’m a writer, event producer, music lover, 80’s baby and child of hip hop.


Favourite song lyric

Knowledge of self is like life after death with that you never worry about your last breath.

– Knowledge of Self, Talib Kweli


I’m inspired by

Sunny days and clear blue skies, the online creative community, hard working people pursuing their dreams, technology, sitting on the beach staring at the ocean and traveling.


My icons past/present

My mom, Dad, my grandfather, Nelson Mandela.


Thenublack philosophy/mantra

Follow your dreams, be innovative, be an inspiration, be creative and live life to the fullest that you personally can.


Check me out

Creative Beach