[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Kayobi Clothing S/S Collection: New World African

Whilst he’s taking a break from world domination the homie Kwabena ‘Kayobi’ Boateng aka ‘Mr Make Fufu not War’ is working hard to bring you the next level of African inspired dopeness, this new collection is no exception. I had a sneak peak of the designs before they got printed and really loved the new direction Kayobi seemed to be taking. I need to grab one of those ‘Oh Chale’ tees!

Our Spring/Summer 2011 collection entitled ‘New World African’ is the follow up from the successful ‘It’s always SUmmer in Africa’ collection. The New World African collection was inspired by Africans and lovers of Africa who are spearheading the African Renaissance.

These individuals sometimes referred to as Afropolitians, Global Africans or even the Cheetah Generation, are characterised by their dynamism, passion, love and drive to positively transform Africa.

Once again our designs are full of colout, humour and references to both African and Western popular culture, with nods to Yo! MTV Raps, Adinkra symbols, West African food and classic hand painted African barbershop signs.

-Kwabena Oppong Boateng