wearethenublack: Deena & Olafemi of DeenOla

Introduce yourself (what would you like people to know about you, who you are, what you do etc…):

My name is Olafemi and I am from Cameroon originally. I am a stylist and a make up artist for an african TV channel. I am totally dedicated in changing the perception of the black culture and that is how the label Deenola came about and of course the love of fashion.

My name is Deena, born and raised in Paris but originally from Comoros Island. My first passion being Music, i was into Music education and also work as an accountant. I’ve always been so involved and interested in my cultural background, the way it is portrayed in the fashion industry makes me realise that we are missing something here, that’s how Deenola took shape!

Favourite song lyric
Olafemi: It’s by Mariah Carey “I can make it though the rain, I can make it once again”… It defines my motto in life the song is a bit cheesy but heyyy I love cheese, lol.

Deena: When i have my moment the song that i love to play is “you be alright” by Musiq Soulchild, one of my favourite songs, it just cheers me up, and then I’m ready to take anything 🙂

We’re inspired by

Our life experiences are our inspiration in our creation, being a women and look up to the women of today is an inspiration for us. Our cultural background also provide that special touch in what we do. And it translates our emotions through the cloth, different aspect of your day life basically.

Our icons past/present

Olafemi: My icon of today is Michelle Obama she is exactly what a black woman is about she commands the room as soon as she enters and her fashion choices are accurate something breathtaking and what an aura!!
My past icon is Winnie Mandela. She might have been a bit of a controversy but she is a true survivor throughout and I admire her fighting spirit and her leadership

Deena: i will not use the term “Icon” but  i’ll refer to the people that i look up to, who inspire me or have inspired me in so many ways (determination, confidence, self esteem…) people such as Oprah, Iman (sucessful entrepreneur), Jill Scott / erykah Badu (freedom of spirit, uplifted lyrics), Michelle Obama of course (her presence and confidence, real success example for women not because she is married to Mr Obama but just because she is a wonderful mum, a professional and dedicated wife)
The nublack philosophy/mantra
We want to say that Deenola wants to embody excellence and mediocrity is not even an option but all in emotions
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