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iamthenublack: Buki Koshoni

iamthenublack: Buki Koshoni

Introduce yourself

Buki is one of the brightest Directing/Photographic talents to hit the London scene. His background was in production working for the likes of Great Guns, Godman, Optomen Television and Vertigo Films.

Buki graduated to Director/Photographer some time ago and was rewarded with his first short film becoming an award-winning piece.


Buki has directed and shot a number of Music Promos and Fashion Shoots since,

his most recent directing credits include:

Cover Story / Hackett London – Commercial

Amnesty International – Commercial,

All That I want-Music Promo.


His fashion led Art Direction has seen him published in various magazines, including Noise and WIG magazine and is currently in talks with a number of magazines on collaborative projects.

Buki’s enthusiasm and love for Directing and Photography make him an ideal choice for any production/publication – infectiously enthusiastic, with a genuine passion for what he does.



Favourite lyric from a song

“One good thing about Music, when it hits you feel no pain.”

-Bob Marley


I’m inspired by

The truth, courage, strength, honour, dignity – hugely difficult words to live by, but I try. Creatively, I’m inspired by creative truth and authenticity. By this I mean the ability to express a creative opinion, be it photographic, written or otherwise, unencumbered by fear, self doubt or prejudice. To create out loud the truth of the work with no compromise or Concessions.


My icons past & present


Sporting: Muhammed Ali – Mike Tyson – Ian Wright – Thierry Henry


Creative: Mark Romanek – Michael Mann – Spike Lee – Steven Soderbergh – Barnet Newman – Rothko – Tom Ford – Denzel Washington – Sidney Poitier…I could go on forever!


Thenublack philosophy/mantra

Be respectful, be generous, be patient…but never loose the need to achieve, to be challenged and to grow creatively.



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