[iamthenublack] Zayna Daze

Introduce yourself
I am Zainab Adamu also known as Zayna Daze. I’m a visual artist, musician and writer. I sing, make videos and take photos. I’m currently studying BA digital filmmaking at SAE london

Favourite lyric from a song:
‘Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind…’
– Coexistence by Rebel Conscious
(Original text by Christian D Larson – “Your forces and how to use them” 1912)

I’m inspired by
The people I love, travels. Culture.
Creative women; my mentor Janine Francois (Bitcheszine), Amelia Ideh (Putmeonit) whom I’ve had the pleasure of interning with. My imagination, the world inside my head is boundless. It’s a great place to start.

My icons past/present
Spike Lee, Belle Hooks, M.I.A, Prince, Vashtie, Karen Carpenter, Kurt Cobain,

Thenublack mantra
Be yourself. Self acceptance and self love is the beginning of your success.

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