Precious Awards 2011: Vote for Thenublack!

Think I’ve been hit by Charlie Sheen’s #winning bug, lol. This weekend sees the Black Weblog Awards 2011 take place in LA and thenublack has its fingers AND toes crossed to win in at least one of the categories it’s been nominated in. Whilst the countdown until that event happens the online nominations for The Precious Awards 2011 opens today so once again I’d ask if you could cast your votes for me in the ‘Blogger of the Year’ category.

The PRECIOUS Awards was founded to celebrate the achievements of inspirational entrepreneurial women of colour who are running businesses in the UK.

The Awards are passionate about recognizing success and inspiring other women of colour to launch their own business.
The PRECIOUS Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate those women of colour in business and leadership, who demonstrate exceptional determination, innovation and entrepreneurial skills and talent.


The support and feedback the blog has received during and up to the BWA2011 nominations has been so great – I hope it can continue on into voting in the Precious Awards this year.

Thanks again for your support,

Gabi x