[iamthenublack] Patrice Peck of XhibitP


Introduce yourself

I’m Patrice, also known a Patti.  I am a young creative living out my dreams in New York City! (I’ve always read that from others, but know I can actually believe it.) I’m developing my current career path as a creative coach and curator in every sense. I thrive off of collaborating with other creatives to fashion visionary breakthroughs.

After having graduated with a BA in Black Studies and English during this recession, and not having felt fully like my self in any 9-5 I’ve ever had, I realized that I had to carve out my own career niche in order to truly be happy. So that’s what I’m doing with XHIBIT P.

I am the founder and director of XHIBIT P, a virtual gallery that houses works of pop cultural importance. At XHIBIT P, we curate original art and written work that holds social commentary on critical issues, and use pop culture as a vehicle for that commentary. Basically, we provide that spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.


Favourite song lyric

“We R Who We R”

– Ke$ha


I’m inspired by

Innovative, creative thinkers with a relentless passion to create positive social change.


My icons past/present

Women everywhere inspire me, providing me with immense amounts of courage, humility and strength. The same goes for Love. Octavia Butler, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Zadie Smith: These women have written some of the most beautifully complex and non-traditional literature that I’ve ever read. They share stories of black women from every part of the Diaspora and every time period (including the future) in the most refreshing and irreverent ways. I can read their novels, essays and short stories time and time again. My mother & grandmother: resilient and  remarkably magnanimous.

Most recently, my icons are those who forgo convention and step out on faith, in hopes of blazing their own fiery trails – I come across new icons everyday.


Thenublack philosophy/mantra

As within, so without. Our outer life reflects our inner life. Change the inner and the outer changes accordingly

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