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Introduce yourself

I’m Renae Bluitt, creator of In Her Shoes blog and founder of Crush Media, a PR and lifestyle marketing company specializing in beauty.


Favourite song lyric:

My Umi said shine your light on the world

Shine your light for the world to see

– Umi Says, Mos Def

These lyrics are simple yet powerful. Sometimes we dim our light to let others shine. Taking action and shining our light is the first step to living an empowered life and who doesn’t want that?


I’m inspired by: Lots of things! Here are a few of my top inspirations:

Seasons: The changing of seasons, out with the old, in with the new – all evoke strong feelings of new beginnings. It helps me to remember that change is good and inevitable.

Love: The love I feel for myself and for others inspires me to be a better person. We’re all a work in progress but having love and respect for self and those around us provides that much needed push!

Creators: Artists, writers, musicians, designers, painters, filmmakers, chefs, the list goes on and on. The thought of a dream coming to life as a result of a person’s talent, ambition and passion is extremely inspiring. As creators have the ability to unite, comfort, restore and empower.


My icons past/present: My past icon would be my grandfather. He’s one of the most optimistic spirits I’ve ever known and was an entrepreneur during a time when (as a Black man) carving your own path was almost unheard of. My present icons would have to be all of the loving, wise and resilient women I’ve met on my journey. Too many to name!


Thenublack philosophy/mantra

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.


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