[iamthenublack] Al Janae Hamilton

Introduce yourself

Al Janae Hamilton. I’m al and I’m a photographer, filmmaker, costume designer, and writer from Miami, Florida.  Moved to New York City a few years ago in order to pursue my passions.  I love researching black style and expression, using the inspiration for my various projects.  As a PhD. student, my dissertation project explores ideas of revolutionary thought, fashion theory, and the black body.

Favorite song lyric

“You know you funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter”

-Nina Simone

I’m inspired by

People who live outside of the box.  Especially Black women.  The ones who do everything we’re not “supposed” to do.  Most of my friends are these kind of folks.  They inspire me every day.

My icons past/present

Frida Kahlo, Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, Marlon Riggs, Adrian Piper, Kehinde Wiley.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra

“If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”

-Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison

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