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[bookmark this] The ‘IDENTITIES’ by Rog Walker

[bookmark this] The ‘IDENTITIES’ by Rog Walker

“This above all, to thine own self be true” a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet which I feel after watching the video below, fully encapsulates the essence of  photographer Rog Walker’s ‘The IDENTITIES‘. When everyone is trying to be someone else it’s refreshing to know that there are people happy with just being themselves and being effortlessly good at it.


‘IDENTITIES’ honors the misfits, those whose procedure, presentation, and/or personality don’t fit the standard mold. In spite of their abnormalities, they choose to be who they are and pursue their inner yearning pushing them to do and be the thing that makes them who they are…

…’IDENTITIES’ is for people like me. Those whose parents have a specific idea for how they should be, yet never fit that mold. ‘IDENTITIES’ is for those who are socially awkward  and struggle to fit in because their procedure isn’t popular. ‘IDENTITIES’ is for those who are consistently told that they’ll never be successful doing it ‘that way’…and in spite of all that they do it ‘that way’ because that’s what their heart’s desire would have them do. They may be facing an identity crisis and need encouragement to push forward. This is why the spread was created.

The ‘IDENTITIES’ we feature are not innovators, influencers, early adopters or anything esle society want to call them once people finally accept what they do. They’re simply true to themselves.