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BWA 2011: The Finals

BWA 2011: The Finals

So I probably wouldn’t be writing this post if thenublack hadn’t made it to the finals….but it did in BOTH categories! So now it’s down to the votes for the finalists. The difference between this year’s awards and previous years is that there’s an actual award show taking place in LA in July!!

Thenublack has been nominated in:

4. Best Culture Blog

14. Best International Blog

The most important things to note are:

– you have to vote in every category (if you don’t want to choose one, pick ‘NO VOTE IN THIS CATEGORY’).

– The ‘next’ button is right at the bottom of the page, so you may need to press the TAB button a few times in order to see it.

– Remember to use a valid e-mail address.

– The form allows one vote per computer so if you have more than one e-mail address, you’ll have to vote on a different computer.


If we win I’ll buy you all a lifetime supply of cake and shea butter (that was the part where I make an empty promise and don’t keep).

My only promise is that I’ll keep delivering the goodness that has made thenublack the blog it is today…the blog that is loved all across the world by men, women, boys and girls. The blog that could have just lasted 30 days but OH NO….it’s coming up to it’s 3rd (yes that’s right) THIRD birthday in October *waving my tambourine*

I’d really like to win something this year…BWA 2011 but mostly the hearts of the people that read the blog (wow….okay I’m going to stop now, lol).

Thanks again to everyone who voted,



(owner of thenublack/part time life coach/BWA2011 finalist)