[iamthenublack] Funfere Koroye of Fusion Kevlar

Introduce yourself

My name is Funfere Koroye, I am a senior in the Savannah College of Art Design and I am a major in Industrial design and a minor in fashion. I have been two Art schools as listed below and I proficient in most design software apart from CAD programs. I am a writer, with an avid love for fashion and the process of creating an object with function.

I am he founder of fusion Kevlar clothing which involves primarily with design on, dresses logos, shirt print and jackets. I have been involved in styling for fashions shows and proms. Last year, I won a video completion for the SCAD video competition “what is style”. My brand is currently shipping worldwide and has gained interest with a music group in Los Angeles.

Favorite song lyric

“Imported and tortured the work force
They never healed the wounds or shook the curse off
Now the grown up Goliath nation
Holding open auditions for the part of David, can you feel?”

Brother Ali, Uncle Sam

I’m inspired by

The beauty we have not created in the world and the disaster we have caused. I became a designer to be part of the solution and understand the working of machines and the human mind. Innovation is definitely exciting to me and it can from any walk of life. Fashion designers, poets and painters are great sources of inspiration: Alexander McQueen, Salvador Dali, Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci are only a few to mention.

My icons past/present

Icons to me are hard to find in our current century where everyone is hungry for power and fame, honestly I look up to my father, and many true icons have passed away:

Ghandi, Fela Kuti, Michelangelo, Gianni Versace, Malcom X Little, Taukeme Koroye, Yves Saint Lauren, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra

“The heart is a house that can only stand so much turbulence. Let it beat in the calm wind that is your sanity”

-Funfere koroye

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