[T-Shirt Tuesdays] JEEDO x 101 Apparel: Electric Street Orchestra

I do love a good collaboration. Music and fashion seems to have a great relationships when creative heads from both sides get together. Since discovering 101 Apparel I’ve been really impressed by their range and was excited to read about their recent collaboration with Waajeed.

“I’ve had dreams about this mix for the last couple years. When 101 Apparel reached out to me about the collab between Bling47 and 101 Apparel it was perfect timing. I was in the middle of working on my newest project called Electric Street Orchestra (ESO). I wanted this mix to follow the same principals as the project, mixing my Detroit techno heritage with beats from a multitude of genres. To find a way to make Rock, Pop, and Hip hop sync with Ghetto tech. After making over 70 edits and two months of intense labor I achieved my goal. Now dance your ass off!”

– JEEDO aka Waajeed



Available from 101 Apparel